struggling to find the light

as my area is slowly getting back to normal, so am I.  Although chez Sato was relatively unscathed by Superstorm Sandy, every time I ventured out (and especially at work), I was reminded of the devastation–power still isn’t fully restored to my town.  Grocery stores are finally restocking perishables.  Gas lines are abating.  All this is good.

What I found perplexing was how my mood was in lock-step with the aftermath of the storm.  The frustration, anxiety, etc. came to a head on Friday.  Everything seemed so overwhelming. Driving the 3 miles to PT (weaving around gas lines) was debilitating.  Facing the mounds of work at my still hurting work place made me cower.  My hip was hurting; i couldn’t run  My knitting project sorta sucked…and the straw that broke the camel’s back: when the Mister got on the wrong ‘free’ bus from Weehawken and ended up in Morristown (30 miles away) instead of my town, necessitating a 10pm road trip to pick him up…


Saturday I took matters into my own hands.  Last week I read a blog post that really hit home. I thought about my circles of influence and texted my two knitting buddies: D & K, suggesting an afternoon in the city visiting a great yarn shop, Purl Soho.  K responded, and plans were made.

I was also determined on Sunday to finish up my training with my training group that’s been working towards the Philly half marathon.  This was a taper run–7 miles, but I haven’t run anything over 3 in many, many weeks, and although my hip was aching, I was resolved to do what I could.

It’s incredible what a change of mind-set will do.  I ran my run.  At a good pace (until mile 6). I was pleased at the 6 mile mark to be at 57 minutes.  (my only timed 10k was slower than this, uninjured, so that made me happy).  Right now, I’ll take anything that makes me happy.

Then with K, I headed into the city.  We exchanged storm stories (her family was ok, but she was host to 6 other family members during this time, which is stressful even with electricity). We had a delightful time at Purl (each getting ourselves some great yarn for our next projects), and then some iced coffee (for me) and iced tea (for her) at a local coffee shop where we just chatted away the afternoon.

The result: I feel so much better.  The dark gloomies may return, but I feel as though I turned a corner…



  1. Wow. Just reading this now, and it brings me back to the first weeks post-Sandy. Our area suffered greatly, too (Fairfield County, CT), and your sentiments were mine exactly. I felt like I lost my mojo even though an extended power loss and relatively minor inconveniences were the worst my family suffered. So true how an afternoon with a good friend and a good hobby can turn everything around. Thanks for stopping by our blog – I’m looking forward to catching up on yours!

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