Thick ‘n Thin

My visit to Purl last week resulted in this:

The big white fluffy stuff?  Cascade magnum, held double, on US size 36 needles to make Purl’s Eleventh Hour Blanket.  Yum.  Note to self: make more of these. My trim will be in a heathery orange.

The blue? Koigu KPPPM merino in an uber-lovely navy blue/inky color.  There’s a story behind this.  I’ve been searching for this shade of navy/ink for 2 years.  Malabrigo came close with Paris Night.  And Madeline Tosh’s Ink was actually my first choice but virtually impossible to come by.  When I saw this at Purl, I scooped it up like there was no tomorrow.  I’ve always loved Koigu’s semi-solids. This will be my running shirt yarn.  I’m almost afraid to start…

Under running news–I’m officially signed up for the Ashenfelter 8k Classic.  After meeting Horace Ashenfelter at our ERC meeting earlier this month, I was just motivated to do this.  My hip’s still not near 100% (maybe like 70%?), but it’s only 8k, and I’m going to try to run it well, but smart. Not super fast, but maybe a 9:30 pace?  We’ll see.


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