Random thoughts on running

I’m resigned to plug along for the time being on a 3x/week running schedule.  I really enjoy four or five days/week, but my hip/butt issues aren’t resolving themselves quickly enough, so three days/week it is.  It’s better than 2/week. And a ton better than one or no days/week.  I’ll take what I can get (and yes, i do realize this is totally a first world problem).

I shouldn’t be so down.  Today I finally felt as though my PT was helping a bit.  My run was rough (I had an ART/Graston session last night), but my recovery was smooth.  Tomorrow I’m not running (strength and stretching on the docket for Wed), and Thursday morning is our town’s turkey trot, the Ashenfelter 8k Classic.

After Thanksgiving, I’ve really got to sit down and decide what to do about Surf City.  I had wanted to train and run hard–get close to 2 hours as my A goal, break 2:10 for my B goal.  I don’t really have a C goal, but I guess my third option would be to run with my aunt who is in the 12 m/m pace range.  Not that that would be bad (and she is hosting me the night of the race and throwing a Superbowl party as well), but I’ve got this psychological barrier–I do well enough at this distance until mile 10.5-11.0 and then it’s all downhill.   I really want to get beyond that.

Re-reading that, I guess I’m not sure I should be shooting for a time goal, but rather a performance goal.  Maybe Surf City is the race where my goal is to not fall apart at mile 11.  I have the endurance, but so far in each half, my hamstrings and hip flexors have just complained so loudly, I haven’t finished as strongly as I would like.  Maybe that should be my goal: finish strong, time be damned.  And then save the time goals for the races I have planned for the summer and early fall 2013.

Sigh. But I know, in my heart of hearts, that I can break 2:00.

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