Pile on the Miles

Pile on the Miles ends Dec. 1.  And I’m glad that it’s Dec. 1 and not Nov. 30, because I’m 3 miles shy of my goal, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get out there tomorrow.  I’ve got PT (more ART and graston) at 6:30am.  And I finish work late tomorrow (probably around 6).  Saturday, depending on how the PT goes however, I’ll be hitting the trails for the first time, and I’m looking forward to that.

In all honestly, I’m hoping I love trail running, because I’m really loving these. I’m a bit of a shoe ho, so if the trail running goes well, I’m may add these to my (growing) Christmas list.

In other news, my runs this week weren’t so great.  This whole hip thing is taking way too long to fix.  I’m tired of the damn clams, bridges, etc.  I’ve not had a discomfort-free run since the first week of September.  On the other hand, I think some things are better. At first it was my high hip (going towards my back).  That feels fine.  Then it was my hip flexor, which the ACT worked wonders on.  That feels great.  Then my hamstring, right under my butt which ached upon impact.  Now it aches when I pick my leg up to move it forward and not under my butt, but more towards my glute medius, but there’s no pain/discomfort upon impact.  I’m not sure if that’s improvement or a lateral move.  I have a feeling I should just stop running, cold turkey, for a few weeks, and keep up the strengthening exercises.  But my world is particularly stressful right now, and I need this activity to get me through it all.

Enough grousing.  First world problem.

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