11th hour

I’m almost done with my 11th Hour Blanket

2012-11-30 06.13.47


Just another few rows of knitting, and then the knitted icord (in a heathery orange) and I can stick a fork in this one. Woot!

And it’s a good thing, because (drum roll please…) THING 2 HAS REQUESTED A HANDKNIT SWEATER FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!

This is in all caps not because I’m stressed about the timeframe. This is in all caps because I’m psyched that one of Things actually REQUESTED A HANDKNIT!!! That. never. happens.

So I will scuttle my plans for ‘runner’ and instead work on Katie! Lucky for me, Thing 2 is petite, and the pattern calls for worsted weight.  Also Thing 2 is not keen on fair isle, and instead requested stripes.  In earth colors,she said like brown and less brown. Yes, I know. Thing 2 can be grim.  When I suggested gray with orange, she perked up a bit.

Now it’s time for shopping, because I don’t have any gray or orange (or even brown and less brown) worsted weight yarn in my stash.  Too bad, so sad.

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