an awesome weekend

on both the knitting and running fronts.

Yesterday I hit the trails for my first ever West Essex Trail run with ERC.  This group meets at 8am on Saturdays and Sundays for this 6 mile out and back.  It’s a great trail, and I enjoyed the run, but will complain (albeit softly) about the slight uphill on the way back between miles 4-5.5.  Ick.  What’s super nice about the group, though, is eating breakfast together afterwards.  I’m enjoying getting to know my fellow running club members, and I’m happy about this trail option, especially as we move into winter.

My hammie was still a bit niggly during the run, but after Friday’s ART session, my entire hip/butt area did feel much better.  And here’s a plug for my PT doc–what a listener!  I told him my concerns about some new areas that were flaring up, and he really really worked them out.  Anyways, the recovery after the run was spot on.  Very little soreness and/or pinches where I usually get them.

This feeling inspired me to push the envelope go out for a long run on Sunday.  My Philly-transferred-to-Surf-City plan called for 7.  I thought I’d like to push it a bit and do 8.  My 7 mile loop can be stretched into 8 with an additional lap around the park, so I thought I’d do that, and if  (on the return) I was feeling wonky, I could cut out the 1 mile trip to Sbux to stay at 7 and end up at home (yes, this seems complicated–you don’t want to be in my head when I’m trying to figure out logistics).

But out of the blue, after lap 1 in the park, the Mister texted about having b’fast at Bonjour Montclair, a local creperie.  I told him I’d meet him there, and to text me when he left the house.  You see, the park is about 1.5 miles from the creperie, so I figured I could get in another lap, and meet him there, and only be about .5 miles shy of my 7 mile goal.  And that’s what happened.

I got there, stretched, and had 1/2 of my delish strawberry/banana crepe with the Mister and Things 2 and 3.  Then realized I was refreshed and felt like running home (about 2.5 miles).  And that I did.  Making my total morning run (albeit split into 2 courses) 9 miles.  Today’s recovery wasn’t as quick as yesterday’s, and my knees felt icky at some points during the run, but for the most part I’m pleased.  My hip/butt/hammie felt no worse afterwards than at the beginning.  And in fact when doing my stretches, I was able to do some hammie stretches that I’ve not been able to do in 4-5 weeks.  Maybe we’ve turned a corner?

Then after such a great morning, i worked on this:

2012-12-02 17.38.16


Ignore the unwoven in ends.  Ignore, but don’t worry. They’ll get woven in…later. I promise! This sucker is HEAVY, and warm.  I just may have to whip up one of these for Chez Sato.  It’s about 54″ x 50″ big (perfect for one, or two when snuggling).  The yarn: cascade magnum.  It’s a single ply and like pencil roving. It’s 100% wool, but as a single, it’s uber soft!  I heart this blanket.


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