All I want for Christmas

is a good running calendar coach app.

My iPhone is full of  fitness and running apps.  LogYourRun (my first), PaceCalc, MapMyRun, Nike+, Adidas MiCoach and most recently iSmoothRun.

They all track my distance, time, and various other things if I had other gadgets (heart rate monitor, etc.). They all feed into websites where I have a kajillion different logins and passwords and tons (TONS!) of data. I like LYR.  The Nike+ gps is not accurate. MiCoach makes me want to say “me coach” instead of “my coach” which feels odd. The auto-pause on iSmoothRun is set off by the slightest bump which I’m beginning to HATE.

But this is what I want: I want to upload (manually is FINE!) my training calendar that my coach so carefully constructed for me (not one the app website decided would be good). And then I want to input the stretches and strengthening exercises that my PT doc has prescribed into that SAME calendar. And then when I wake up, I want to tap that app, do my stretches, strengthening, and then head out for my prescribed run (or cross training or whatever), whether its a long slow run or fartleks or tempo.  And then, I want a check-mark by that date on the calendar, showing me that I completed it.

Simple enough, right?   Then where is it? It should exist, right?  I can’t seem to find it. Maybe my search criteria are off?  Sometimes I wish I had a tech brain so I could develop this app on my own.


please santa, please!


  1. I use Runmetre and I love it. While I don’t use the features that you are looking for, I think that it can do it if you ‘create a new plan’. The app was about 2.99 I believe (although I’ve had it for a year and can’t remember. If you check it out, let me know if it works! It can also work for other activities which I like since I do quite a bit of cross training.

    Happy running!

      • I hope it works out! One note…if you ever stop while you’re running and use instagram (sometimes when it’s really beautiful out I can’t help it) the run automatically stops and you have to restart it again before you keep going. I’ve forgotten to a couple of times and been really frustrated because I don’t know how long/far I’ve been going!

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