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2012-12-05 22.08.04


Yeah, I know this doesn’t look like the top-down Katie.  It’s not.  It’s the bottom-up Flore. Thing 2 is creative and all, but had a hard time visualizing stripes on Katie.  Thus Flore. Of course, I’m using yarn in the wrong weight (heavy worsted vs. DK), so I’ve got to work out the math for this one.  But it’s going quickly which is good, because it’s already Dec. 5.

I’ve also cast on about for a new race.  Here’s what I’ve come up with: NJ Trail Series.  The next one is 12/16.  I’m registering for the 10k option, and I’ll be heading up there with some friends from my LRS.

But until then, I’ve got to shake this horrible cold I’ve got, take a week-long business trip to Paducah, Kentucky, and, oh yeah, actually BUY some Christmas gifts, too!

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