After a short burst of warm weather in my neck of the woods (north jersey), temps returned to their ‘normal’ range (for this time of year), and this morning when I headed out, it was a brisky 27F. Brrrr.

But as they say–there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

And here is where my clothing sucks: at my wrists.  I’ve mentioned before that last winter was too mild to even be called winter, so this year is a totally new experiment in ‘dressing for my run.’  So far I’ve figured out that when the temps are between 27F (today) and 35F, I can wear either compression tights (no snuggly fleece in these) or my more fleecy Saucony tights, a long-sleeve base layer, a heavier top, and my Sugoi Versa jacket.  If it’s closer to 35F, then I don’t need the sleeves on the jacket.  Oh, and a hat and my new balance convertible mittens (the tops fold back to expose the fingers).

Today, my saucony heavier half-zip was really stinky (hate, hate, hate this tech fabric stink), so I pulled on the Mister’s patagonia half-zip.

Here’s what i learned: I have gorilla arms.  And my shorter-armed Mister’s clothing doesn’t quite work. My wrists (between my mittens and the jacket) were slightly exposed.  And nearly frozen 3o minutes later.  And since I have mild reynaud’s, the cold wrists meant cold fingers.  It took nearly 2 hours for my hands to regain feeling.

The positive: my neck was really warm.  🙂 My legs, arms, and body were fine.  I’m wondering how low I can go (in terms of temps, that is).  I do have to say, I really like running in cold weather in the dark.  Watching the sun come up. The crisp air. It’s kinda invigorating.


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