On the docket

is too much stuff.

I’m not so much a fan of to-do lists.  Although I am a fan of Moleskins and nice pens, and buy far too many of both to keep my dreaded to-do lists.

To-do lists can be debilitating.  So. Many. Things. that need to get down.  In a usually too-short time frame.

And of course, by blogging, I’m procrastinating and that really helps the situation.

So, my to-do list for the weekend looks like this:

  1. buy christmas tree (F)
  2. get decorations out (F)
  3. buy birthday present for Thing 3’s friend’s party (F)
  4. christmas shop (F)
  5. write thank-you notes  (W)
  6. input data into database (W)
  7. update other blog (W)
  8. pack for Paducah (W)
  9. pick the Mister up from JFK (F)
  10. meet brother for dinner (F)
  11. clean bedroom (F)
  12. clean house (F)
  13. grocery shop (F)
  14. make meals for family for while i’m in paducah (F)
  15. make sure Thing 1 and 2 are scheduled to pick up Thing 3 from school most days (F)
  16. email before-care so Thing 3 has a place to go in the morning (F)
  17. run 4 miles on Saturday (M)
  18. run 9-10 miles on Sunday (M)
  19. wash running gear for paducah (M)
  20. address & mail christmas cards (F)
  21. buy stamps (F)
  22. reserve rental car for paducah (W)
  23. catch up on TV (M)
  24. bake cookies for while i’m in paducah (F)

I think that’s it.  W=Work, F=Family, M=Me.

24 things is way too many.  Time to log off and start on that list.  Thank god for Fresh Direct.



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