And we’re back

Two of my three Things are home (#s 1 and 3, 2 should arrive shortly).  The Mister will make his appearance tonight. My to-do list is down to “packing for Paducah” (which has a nice ring to it–maybe a poem, or song lyric?) and decorating the Christmas tree.  I was thinking of leaving the tree bare and hoping the fam would step up to the plate in my absence, but seeing as they can walk over the same pile of unfolded laundry for weeks on end, I doubt it.

I had a nice long, slow run this morning, using a new app (Runmeter–recommended by a reader–thank you!).  I think I will like it.  For some reason the iPhone gods played with my head between yesterday and today, and just as I got outside, I was selecting my playlist only to discover that I had no music in my phone. None.  No idea how this happened, and even though I can run without music for shorter distances, I knew I’d need it to carry me to 9-10 miles given the mood I’ve been in.  So I tromped back indoors and re-synced the phone.  All’s well.  But that delay has prevented me from properly playing around with RunMeter and as a result, I ran today’s run without any prompts as to distance and pace.  Which mattered not one lick as I ran at my same old, same old pace and although I varied my route slightly, I knew in my head about how far along I was.

My run went well, much better than expected, given the rough start.  At mile 8, I was about to make my turn for home (my goal was 9-10 miles, but it was starting to rain) when I saw a friend from my running club, and his encouraging “Have a great run Paige!” kept me on track for another 1.6 miles.  Funny how far a little encouragement will take me! Once home, I decided to forego any sort of naproxene or aleve to see how well (or not) I recover.  I’ve been diligent with the foam roller, which seems to help, although I am experiencing more tightness in my upper hip than I’d like.  However, the hamstring did ok.  So after stretching and foam rolling, I decided to stay on my feet and keep moving (while accomplishing “make dinners for the week” and “make cookies” from my to-do list) which keeps me from stiffening up.  Tonight we’ll meet up with the Mister and my brother (from out of town) for dinner in the city (that city is NYC for me) at Pig Heaven.  Can. Not. Wait. 

Next up: tree decorating! Packing for Paducah!


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