and a bit treacherous! The trail race was good.  At the start, my left ankle was a bit niggly, and before the first mile and a half, I had rolled it over 2x! Yikes.  Although a fellow running club member had said the course was not “technical,” it was difficult for this novice.  My hammy/hip was also complaining, but more quietly than usual.  But by mile 2.5-3, everything sorted itself out. I think it’s because trail running requires shorter steps and no feet dragging.

The course itself, in Morris Lewis Park, was beautiful.  Lots of rolling hills. And a very welcoming and low-key crowd.  I felt a bit fancy in my CW-X flashy compression tights and bright yellow Sugoi versa jacket (it’s not like there’s traffic that needs to see me, although I would make the argument that the bright yellow does come in handy during hunting season).

With the rolling hills, I quickly heated up and took the arms off my jacket.  But between miles 3-4, the chill set in as the mist started to seep through my long-sleeved tech shirt (and I had to slow down a bit to pick my way through the tremendous number of tree roots on a very long and windy downhill).  When the constant rain started at mile 4.5, I put my sleeves back through and hurried to the end.

The finish was like a big pot-luck snack fest.  Lots of great foods (some homemade), water and coffee.  All in all, a really great morning, and an event I’ll be doing again (the trail series goes all winter long).

In my knitting life, I’m still cruising along on Thing 2’s Flore.  And I hung up our stockings.  Here’s Thing 1’s:


I think I made the Things stockings in 2006 or 2007.  Until I knit up these stockings, they were using 3 that I had quilted.  The hard thing about the quilted stockings was that there was no “give,” and I had a hard time stuffing the stuffers into them.  Now that the Things are older, I may go back to the quilted ones, because they have fewer large stuffers, but every time I break out the knit stockings, I just fall in love with them all over again.

Here are Things 1-2’s stockings

stocking3 stocking2





    • I do agree–I had to be much more mindful of where I was stepping on the trail, but when there were cleared paths, it just felt so great! I’m glad I found this NJ Trail series–they have events all over the state (but very close to me) nearly every week. I think this winter will be just lovely in the hills of NJ.

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