will be my first run in a week.  Yep. I’ve been off my feet for 6 days.  It’s not hard to not run while traveling for work.  And I made myself stay off the streets for today, just for one more day of rest.

And my first run in a week will be my first ever trail race.  With a friend, I’ll be doing the NJ Trail Series in Morris Lewis Park.  There were 3 options: 5k, 10k and half marathon.  I’m opting for the 10k. I’ll go at it easy, because not only will it be my first trail race, it will also be raining (most likely).

I’m a bit nervous.  It’s been easier than I would like to not be running.  I don’t want to approach that slippery slope and stay on my arse all winter, but this hip/hammy thing has thrown me for a loop, and then the sore left ankle/foot isn’t helping matters.

But I think I’ve finally figured out this hip/hammy thing.  My sports doc thought periformis, but yesterday on a Train Like A Mother Runner FB post, someone brought up HHT (high hamstring tendonitis/tendonopathy). When I googled it, I thought: “OMG! That’s exactly how I feel! That’s ME!”  And because I DON’T have a medical degree or anything vaguely resembling one, I decided to self-diagnose (I’m smart like this).  After hours of time wasted google-searching and reading, it seems as though the stuff I’m doing (ART, GRASTON, light stretching, strengthening) is just about all I can do for this.  One day at a time. With plenty of rest.



  1. I’ve been struggling with hamstring / glute pain for MONTHS after pushing myself to do Ragnar, a 1/2 marathon and strength training like crazy. I’ve barely run at all since the end of October due to the pain and NO ONE knows why or what I should do!! I am so glad I stumbled upon someone who is also having the same problems. Mine also radiates throbbing pain down the side of my leg while sitting / driving for to long. So frustrating. What has been the best to help you??

    • I think we must be twins! Same issue! I was training for a half and the NJ Reach the Beach relay, and haven’t been the same since October. The Graston/ART has helped a lot, but I think it needs to be coupled with the acupuncture. After about 3-4 visits for ART/Graston, I was able to drive without hardly any discomfort (except getting out of the car–always a twinge there). The PT dr (for ART/Graston) really worked hard on my glute medius, high hamstring and IT band, even though the IT band wasn’t bothering me at all–i guess it is connected to the outer hip. I started re-training (for a Feb race) in December, but it was slow all month–only after 6-7 ART/Graston visits was I able to do any sort of distance (8+ miles). I just started the acupuncture (had 3 visits), and now I can sit and drive without any discomfort. My past 3 long runs are 10+ miles. I still have some glute (piriformus, hamstring?) pain getting out of the car, but am actually running.

      This is the most frustrating thing–but I feel like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. If you haven’t tried any of these, I would give it a shot. My PT guy (who does the ART and Graston) is a runner, and my acupuncturist does karate and her brother (a chiropractor, and they’re in the same practice) is a triathlete. So I feel as though at least they understand what I’m going through.

  2. Wow! How great to hear. I’ve been doing chiropractic care along with deep massage but haven’t been to PT yet due to a bad experience during a stint with hip pain that was resolved with new shoes!! it sounds like the ART/Graston has really been working for you with rather quick results. I can barely run a mile currently! I am so getting a hold of my doctor to refer me to PT and do this as well as scheduling an appointment with the acupuncturist locally. Not running is killing me! Especially with my friends out running and signing up for races as I sit out and wait to heal :). Thank you so much!!

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