Things are clicking away, chez Sato, in typical year-end fashion.

1. Thing 3 (age 8) had a secret santa project supposedly due on Tuesday. I discovered this Monday as I went through her chock-full school folder (seems as though the Mister didn’t realize this was under his job responsibilities while I was in Paducah). The gift had to be hand-made.  After questioning Thing 3, I learn that her gift recipient likes snakes and reptiles.  Lucky for us, 2013 is the year of the snake.  We, I mean “me,” decide to make a scroll with the character for ‘snake’ on it. I break out Grandma Sato’s japanese calligraphy brushes, ink and paper and practice writing the Japanese kanji for ‘snake’ over and over (and over and over).  Finally a good one.  We move onto the special rice paper.  30 minutes later a good ‘snake’ on the rice paper.  Then Thing 3 adds: “2013, year of the SNACK.”  Note to self: spend more time on spelling, less on kanji. (note to readers: Thing 3 makes the most memorable spelling errors–our favorite, until ‘Year of the snack,’ has been the “Tim for Dinner” sign she made to summon Thing 1 to dinner, causing Thing 1 to come downstairs asking, “who’s Tim, and why is he eating at our house?”).  Oh, and I learn today the secret sant gift (which, BTW, isn’t called secret santa, but rather “secret sharing” which is truly lame) isn’t due until 12/21.  Just after the Mayan apocalypse.

2. Thing 1 wanted to make red velvet cupcakes for AP Chem, or so he said.  I dutifully found a recipe and procured the ingredients.  Thing 1 and 3 friends descended upon Chez Sato for an afternoon of cupcake making, insisting they needed no help as baking was only a simple version of chem lab.  I come to find out Thing 1 only need 2 cupcakes, for his Secret Santa gift, for his AP Chem classmate Alexi:

2012-12-20 17.35.00

Al (aluminum) Xe (xenon)–get it?  I didn’t at first.  I guess you have to be a chem geek.  The english major in me was looking for the middle “e.”  I do think he deserves an A for creativity though.

3. Holiday shopping is finished.  Unbelievable.  I’ve never been more at peace with holiday shopping than this year.  I’ve supported local businesses, got everyone at least one thing from their wish list, and will surprise Thing 1 on his birthday (also Christmas day) with some really cool stuff. I even had the time to watch Happy Endings’ very funny take on having a Christmas birthday, and will make sure Thing 1 watches it as well.

4. The last item to check off: Thing 2’s Flore.  Here’s where I am:

2012-12-20 19.49.31

I know I’ll finish sleeve 2 tonight, then it’s just the yoke and blocking.  I’m pleased with how this is turning out, and I think Thing 2 will like it too.

5. The Mister surprised me with making the arrangements for a family vacation in February during winter break.  Looks like we’re heading to Puerto Rico for 4 days. I’m not a big fan of sand or heat, but the Mister’s been before (with his karate students) and has really enjoyed it.  Don’t get me wrong–I love the water, but it must be my upbringing in Maine–I don’t like sand.  And I find it troublesome that you have to go across the sand to get to the water.  Rocky coasts are so much more my style.  But, this is something the Mister really wants to do, and we vacation so rarely en famille that I’m willing to put up with the sand and heat for some fun all together.

6.  I’m putting the final touches on my 2013 running goals and races.  It won’t be groundbreaking, but I want to challenge myself while also staying healthy.  I’ll post more details early in January, but my general goal is 4 half marathons, and PR’ing in the 2:00 to 2:05 time frame.

All in all, we’re in good shape, I’m feeling blessed, and that makes me happy.


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  1. Wonderful take on the season. Thanks for the laugh, and for the cupcake explanation. I missed it completely when you posted on FB, despite all my time spent with chemistry cat.

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