trail run 1212


In 2012 I covered 794.6 miles.  Here I am somewhere along miles 782-788 during my first (but not last) trail run. My highest mileage month was March (106), then August, with 90.  My lowest two were April and May with 21 and 20 respectively (damn that heel).  I like this photo–my feet are off the ground, I’m concentrating, and I look so much stronger than I feel at this point.

I’m up here in Portland Maine, and with the additional 7″ of snow added last night to the 14″ or so already on the ground, I don’t think I’ll get a run in tomorrow.  But I will on January 1, before we take off for NJ, because it’s….(drum roll, please) JANATHON!  I’ve been waiting since Juneathon for this festival of fitness and excuses.

Today the Alexander girls and Sato girls trekked off to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine for an afternoon of snow-shoeing and skiing.  My girls opted for the skiing, never having done it before.

skiing 2012


I should qualify that–Thing 2 skis, and Thing 3 is learning to ski.  Neither had been nordic skiing though.  Thing 2, being 14, caught on quickly and took off.  Thing 3 was a little slower from the get go.  It took us about 2 hours to cover probably a kilometer.  It didn’t help that it was absolutely freezing (about 20F) with winds that would whip you back to Kansas if you didn’t watch out.  Several times Thing 3 had to make up lost ground when the winds pushed her backwards down hills.  She was a trooper though, in true Thing 3 fashion, never losing her smile. I don’t know how I got this kid–such a great attitude!

I was surprised at how well I held up nordic skiing.  I haven’t in years (since college), and with the hip/hammy and now ankle issue, I was concerned.  Long running strides hurt.  But the entire trek was pain free.  In fact, the softness of the snow (even when packed down) seemed to help.  With this in mind, when the fam takes ski trips I’m going to make sure the destination offers nordic and not just alpine skiing.  It was so much more interesting.

Sometimes I wish I lived in more of a wintery area.  Today, for example, despite the temps and the wind, was perfect for outdoor activities.  Truly there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.  The Things and I were warm as toast, and it was just exhilarating to be outside (and once we got to the woods, it was peaceful, too).  Hopefully, that attitude will stick with me as we return to NJ and I embark upon Janathon and make up for my meager training in advance of Surf City.

Tomorrow we celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday, and her girls and mine are going to try to make some cake pops.  Thing 3’s Santa gift this year was a cake pop maker.  Finger’s crossed this goes well. And then back to NJ.  And the real world.


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  1. […] I’m only slightly familiar with Pineland Farms  in New Gloucester–my brother and sister-in-law brought me and Things 2 & 3 (along with their 3 Things) here over new year’s for some cross-country skiing. […]

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