Janathon-Day 1

Woot! The sun rises early in Maine in the winter (and in the summer, too, for that matter) which meant that I was up bright and early to begin my Janathon commitment.

2:17 miles, 23:46. 26F. Sunny.

Not such a great time, but I have an excuse:

slushy streets


I’ve heard running in snow is like running in sand.  I can’t imagine, though, running in sand with thermal pants, a base layer, a jacket and a wind layer, hat, mittens, and lastly, wool socks.  Somehow I equate running in the sand with bathing suits, bare feet and nice looking lifeguards.

slushy shoes


Here are my snowy shoes.  A shout-out to A Veteran Runnah for recommending trail shoes for winter/snowy running.

Later this morning, my girls and I will pack up and leave my beloved Maine for NJ, so it felt good to get this 2 miles in before 6 hours in the car.

Happy Janathon and Happy New Year!

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