My Thing 2 had an interesting take on making resolutions for 2013–she thought family members should make suggestions for each other person.  Seeing as we were with my brother and his family (instead of our own), I tabled her suggestion until 1/1, and did promise that she could bring it up at family dinner tomorrow night.

But it piqued my curiosity–what would my Things and Mister suggest for me?  What would I suggest for them?  As soon as Thing 2 issued her suggestion, Thing 3 offered (to her): Cut your bangs.  I could see this suggested resolution thingy going downhill quickly.

I like the promise of resolutions.  I like the hope and motivation of improvement resolutions bring.  A few years ago, we decided as a family that our resolutions would not include the negative words like “don’t” or “can’t” or “stop.”  Instead, they’d focus on the positive.  So instead of “stop eating potato chips,” the resolution would be: “eat 5 servings of fresh fruit and/or veggies a day” ( to counter-act the potato chips).  I don’t ask for a list, but I do want all my Things (and myself and the Mister) to be thoughtful about what we resolve to do in the upcoming year.  Two years ago, my resolution was to re-start a fitness program.  I started with kettlebells, progressed to walking, and now, look where I am.

2012 was more of a down year than up.  With four family deaths, the death of a friend’s child, and the storm’s havoc on my work, everything from June on became topsy-turvy, and I think I lost a bit of focus.  Honestly, this was hard.  I’ve always been confident about my place in the world, my relationships to others, and with all of these things happening within a 6 month period, I felt a bit unmoored; I’m looking forward to 2013 to reset my course.  2013 has the potential to be a big year.  As a family, we’ve got some trips planned (which hasn’t happened in a while), and it’s the last full year that Thing 1 will live Chez Sato.

So, I have my running goals (more on those later), and my knitting goals (again, later), but with 3.25 hours left until the new year, I think my 2013 resolution will be to dig deep and reclaim my optimism and enthusiasm.  That attitude has served me well for 46 years  (minus the last 6 months) and I want it back.

oh, that, and to eat five servings of fruit/veggies a day (because I can’t quite nip that salt & vinegar potato chip habit).





  1. Reading this I realized just quite how much we have in common (even down to the potato chips habit and the resolution to eat 5 a day!!).
    By the way on your run choice for this year in Europe – I’d recommend Amsterdam…don’t know anything about the run, but I find the city prettier and more interesting!!!

    • Agreed, Helen, on many fronts–we do have so much in common, and I’ve heard from others that of the two, Amsterdam is the more interesting city. The only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the date–I like the 10/6 date of Brussels better (because it would allow me to run the relay with my team). My thoughts are to fly to Brussels, run there, then take the train to Amsterdam afterwards for the bulk of my time. Then fly home from Amsterdam. It only adds $100 to the airfare. I just can’t believe i’m lucky enough to be planning this sort of adventure!

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