Janathon–Day 2

I’m trying to get back into my 5am wake-up habit. It’s so hard when it’s dark and cold.  But with the right hip/hammy wonkiness and the left ankle sprain, I really need to do my stretching and strengthening workout before heading out the door, and that takes a lot of time–30-40 minutes.

So 5am it was. And then outside by 5:55.  At first I tried to convince myself I’d give myself a rest day from running and just do some bodyweight exercises, but then thought “but that’s not in the spirit of Janathon, and it’s only Day 2!” so I laced up and head on out. I’m glad I did–my left ankle was not nearly as uncomfortable as it had been, but the damn hip/hammy still needs work.  Good thing I’ve got PT tonight.

dark winter morn


Here’s a glimpse of the church on the corner of my street (at the end of my run). Still pretty dark.  Taking this picture (iphone) taught me something new about my running app (runmeter): it shuts down when you press the home button.  Good thing I was only .10 from home when I decided to take this pic.

day 2 miles: 3.01

day 2 time: 30.10

Janathon total: 5.18

Day 2 temp: 18F

Janathon avg temp: 22F

While I’m happy to be running regularly again, I am a bit disappointed with my pace.  I really lost a lot of endurance while I was taking it easy, and now I’ve only got 4 weeks and a bit before Surf City.  I know it will come back, but after finally getting down to the mid 9s, it’s disheartening to be over 10m/m.

One comment

  1. Awesome start – really liking the idea of snow running at the mo – possibly just because I’ve become weary with always being sweaty! Good luck for the rest of Janathon 🙂

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