And on the 4th day

she rested.  A bit.  After last night’s negative split run, I decided Friday would be for some stretching and bodyweight exercises.  Here’s my routine:

  • clams: 25 each side x 3 sets
  • side leg lifts (foot pointing straight, up and then down) 25 each side x 1 set
  • bridges (using balance ball): 20 x 3 sets
  • hamstring curls (using balance ball) 20 x 1 set (this one hurts)
  • airplane with high knee raises: 10 each side x 3 sets
  • squats: 25 x 2 sets
  • front lunges (with 10lb dumbbells): 20 each side
  • back lunges (with 10lb dumbbells): 20 each side
  • kettlebell swings (20lb bell): 25 x 1 set
  • mason twists (w/ 10lb kettlebell): 25 x 1 set
  • foam rolling

Today I added some arm work with my dumbbells: 10lbs each: bicep curls, triceps, lateral raise, upright rows

This weekend I’ve got planned a 6 mile trail run (Sat) and 10 mile long run on Sunday.  Here’s hoping my cold clears up.

Today’s Janathon miles: 0

Total Janathon miles: 8.23

Minutes on the foam roller: too many!


    • i think most are on YouTUbe–the clams are for my glute medius, the mason twists for my core. I love the mason twists (also called russian twists, but i don’t like that name as much, it scares me.)

  1. I’ve not heard of most of them! Must prove what a dinosaur i’ve become. 2 arm press, bicep curl, tricep curl, bench press and that’s my knowledge of names exhausted…I revert to “the awkward exercise that hurts that bit” and such. A 16 mile weekend planned? Good effort!

  2. You are amazing! I feel like a lazy old slug in comparison!! If it isn’t raining I’m planning a 10km hilly trail run with my husband tomorrow – which will be my first run of 2013 – unless cross country skiing counts? 🙂

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