Janathon–Day 3

3.05 miles. 30.22. avg pace 9:57 and, drum roll please….fastest pace: 8:34!  I’m thinking it was the last few steps, but I’ll take it.

In addition to Janathon, I’m a “winter warrior” with my LRS–you get points for each time you attend one of the scheduled runs, and bonus points where there are seminars, etc.  So far I have 10 points because I’ve only been around for 2 runs.  I’ll remedy that though, over the next few weeks.  Because I’m nothing if not a sucker for points and prizes.

Starting today, I thought I’d include the daily stats for my January knitting project:



Meet “Runner.”  Runner is my own design, and it will be a top-down raglan running top. It’s a hand-painted fingering weight merino wool (Koigu KPPPM) in navy, and I’ve got some chartreuse that I’ll use as accents on the pockets and hems.  I’m using size 5 needles to give this garment some stretch and drape.  It will have a half-zip neckline, although I’ll probably use snaps, or nothing at all.

I’ve knit up almost two complete skeins, so about 320 yards total, and I just figured out that my knitting gauge and the design gauge are slightly off, so I’m going to have to TINK (knit in reverse, or un-knit) and add some stitches.  Oh well.  That’s the price of custom handknits. For my non-knitting readers, there’s a lot of math involved with knitting, and the differential between 5.5 stitches = 1 inch and 5.75 stitches = 1 inch is ENORMOUS! And means that the sweater won’t fit.  And I’ll be damned if I spend over $200 in yarn and over 40 hours to make something that won’t fit.  So I’ll TINK.  I’m just glad I figured this out now and not when I’m on the sleeves (which are done up last).

You see, I love the way running tops fit–they’re close fitting, but not tight.  They’ve got long sleeves and long bodies, which means a lot to me with my 5’11’ frame.  So I used the dimensions of one of my favorite tops and am trying to mimic it into a sweater, that I actually do plan on running in.  My goal is to debut it at Surf City.  I can’t think of anything better than to finish my HM, pull on my handknit cozy merino wool top (and no, i’m not being sarcastic, i honestly feel that way), and crack myself open a nice IPA.

Today’s miles: 3.05

Janathon total miles: 8.23

Today’s knitting: approx. 12 yards

Today’s unknitting: approx. 20 yards

Total Janathon knitting: approx. 320 yards

Yardage to go: 1180


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