Janathon–Day 5

Day 5’s run was part of my running club’s winter hosted run series.  Typically we meet at someone’s house (oh, that person has willingly volunteered his/her house–it’s not like we all show up en masse as a surprise), head out for a 3-5 mile run (that the host has mapped out), and return to the host’s home for breakfast.  No one had signed up for this week (it being a crazy week with back to work and all), so the club’s trail group suggested a trail run and going out for bagels afterwards.  Works for me!

With an 8am start, the sun was already warming us up a bit, and the run was just lovely.  The trail (known as the West Essex Trail, why we didn’t import the word ‘wessex’ is beyond me, but…) still was snow covered for the most part.  Rather, I should say that it had been snow covered, but with the frigid temps of the last week, the snow packed down to fairly slick ice, which wasn’t really that much of an issue til the return (the trail is a 3 mile out and back), because miles 4-6 are slightly uphill.  It was a slickery climb!

west esses trail



But I made it: 6 miles, 1:04:24.  Even better, the ankle and hip/hammy were either cooperating, or just frozen solid (thus making me insensitive to any twinges).  Funny how the parts that stick out (like the bum) tend to freeze up fastest.

Bagels afterwards were a treat–I really enjoy the company of many of the members of my club.  We’re from all over Essex County (New Jersey), and all ages and walks of life.  The club promotes itself as “the friendliest running club,” and I can’t disagree with that at all.

I returned home, refreshed and ready to tackle some clutter!  3 garbage bags of crap left our master bedroom.  Along with the very prickly and dry Christmas tree (yes, shame on me for not keeping it up til the Epiphany, but it was a fire hazard).  Chez Sato is officially de-holidazed.

Feeling really good about my run, the de-cluttering and life in general, I headed off to my LYS and treated myself to this:

erica knight wool fur


yep. More yarn.  What thrills me about the skein on the right is that it’s a wool “fur” from Erika Knight.  I’ve always shied away from novelty yarns–I just prefer natural fibers–and when I saw this wool novelty, I was smitten.  I’m going to make her Fur Gilet, but instead of the entire gilet in the fur, I’m going to use the bulky wool (maxi wool) to do a ribbed back).  I just may put Runner on the backburner and whip this out this weekend…


  1. Boo, I tried to view the Fur Gilet, but couldn’t without a “Raverly” sign-in, whatever that is 🙂 I love your blog’s running sheep banner! Good job on the running 🙂

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