it’s not even noon

and already I’ve finished my 10 miles, started the laundry, received (and put away) the groceries (I grocery shop online and have them delivered to avoid the temptation to overshop–at least that’s the story I go with), and cleaned up the kitchen.  Now I’m ready for a nap.  Which will come after this post.

Today’s run was good.  Slow but good.  My left ankle felt fine. My right hip, still a big niggly.  That’s ok, I’m learning I can live with that.

To get my 10 miles in, I thought I’d meet up with the Sunday morning group that leaves out of my LRS (Fleet Feet) for an 8 mile run at 7am.  I figured if I ran to the store, I’d get my extra two miles in. That was good planning, except I got a late start, and completely forgot that the route from my house to Fleet Feet is uphill.  The group is prompt, so I missed the start.  Which is ok, and not, all at the same time.

I was counting on some company because I’m practicing running without music.  Last year, music was my salvation–it kept me on pace and the miles just flew by.  This year I’m tired of my music and too lazy right now to go searching for more, so on my shorter runs I’ve been going without.  And I’ve been enjoying it.  It gives me some thinking time.

There’s a blog/website/FB page I enjoy written by two women–their brand is Another Mother Runner.  They’ve got a ‘tribe’ of “mother runners” and do a good job marketing themselves.  Over the holidays they culled stories from their website called “Why I run” and posted them on their various social media platforms.  So many of the women started running to work through some hardship (illness, divorce), or to stay sane (growing kids, busy jobs, busy lives).  All have inspiring stories.

On today’s long run (without music), I was thinking of these inspiring stories, and realized I don’t have one to match.  Do I need one?  I started running because I was walking and wanted to go faster. Plain and simple.  But without the music, I thought I should be using this “me” time for some serious thinking.  And here’s what I came up with:

1. companies that make toy kits for kids need to write better instructions:

Kaleidoscope fail


This is a kaleidoscope kit Thing 3 got for Christmas.  Part 3 of the instructions tells me to insert the white tube into the long brown tube.  Well, clearly I have a long brown tube, but unless my vision’s failing more quickly than I think, there is no white tube.  I spent a good mile to mile and a half trying (in my head) to figure out how to make this work.  I did not reach a solution.

2. I need to better organize my knitting:

addi turbos


This is my uber-spendy set of interchangeable knitting needles from Germany.  There are 10 different sizes of needles (US 4-US15) and 3 cords of varying lengths.  Last night I realized I needed my 15s to start my new wool fur project.  I opened the case, and GASP! The 15s are gone! The 5s are also gone, but I know which project they’re being used for (Runner).  Where the hell are the 15s!  I rarely use needles over size 9 (size 4-6 are my faves).  I spent maybe 3 miles trying to recollect which projects I’ve been working on, and where those 15s may be hiding.  Result: success!  Upon arriving home, I found the project (an abandoned cowl), and quickly relinquished said project to the Frog bin to free up the 15s for better use.  (for my non-knitting readers: to frog something, is to “rip it” (say it quickly over and over) out.

Those two concerns took up 4.5 miles of running.  The remaining 5.5 miles I planned out my family’s meals for the week (chili dogs, moroccan chicken stew, mac & cheese, greek lasagna), and tried to decide if I wanted fancy snacks for tonight’s premier of season 3 of Downton Abby or just regular beer and chips.  Still haven’t settled that one.  Maybe it will come to me when I nap.



  1. I have recently moved from listening to music to listening to audio books on my long runs – for someone who has very little time for recreational reading. It’s really changed my perception of what I need on the run (like you, I became very reliant on music for reading).
    I do think that I’d like to try running without music, and after reading your experience, I think I will try it next week!

    • I used to listen to podcasts–in particular Ira Glass’ This American Life. But they were so funny, I had to stop running because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath and run at the same time. Audiobooks, though, is a good idea.

  2. “Think time” while running without music is invaluable 🙂 I learned to run without music & did so my entire first year. Now I sometimes run with, sometimes without, depending on my mood, the distance & the location. I LOVE running without music on vacation or on a new route… & I always go without in urban settings to keep me alert, lest I get clicked by a cell blabbing or texting motorist!

  3. So glad that I’m not the only one who wastes hours trying to find needles that I KNOW are around somewhere (usually down the side of the sofa). I’m currently doing short runs in the dark with no music (safety first!) and BBC podcasts for long runs – fitness AND education all at the same time.

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