If you can make it there…

you’ll make it anywhere…

it’s up to YOU, New York, Neeewwww Yooorrrrkkkkk!

Typically I work in Port Newark (which is across the highway from the wonderful Newark Liberty International Airport), but sometimes I have to work at our offices in the city (right near Trinity Church, Wall St., and the site of the World Trade Center.  Today was one of those days.

I LOVE coming to work in the city, except that it throws my morning schedule off horribly.  There’s no room for error when you have to catch the 7:45am train (for an 8:15am Penn Sta arrival).  Luckily Thing 3 has chorus rehearsal at 7:30am on Mondays, so that helps get me out the door.

When I have to go into the city for work, I tend to schedule it for a ‘rest’ day, so I’m not compelled to try to fit in a run, shower, get Things 1-3’s lunches made and everyone out the door within 45 minutes.  That’s a scenario that is set up for complete failure.   So today was a ‘rest’ day, especially after my 16 mile weekend.

But my day of rest has somehow turned into an obstacle course.  First: running .25 miles UPHILL to catch the damn train, because, of course, I got off to a late start.  Then there’s the “reach the subway level from the bowels of the train station up the broken escalator” dash.  And the “smoosh-yourself-flatter-than-a-pancake-because-I’ll-be-damned-if-I’m-waiting-for-another train (and by ‘train’ I mean ‘subway’ in the NY vernacular)” vertical version of planks. Which leads to another “climb up from the bowels of the earth, all the while dodging those who are much slower or less eager to be on time” from the subway platform to street level. And the “walk crazy fast to get ahead of the tourists that descend upon Wall Street even in January far too early in the morning.”

Yes, I really do love working in the city.  Can’t wait to see what the commute home turns into!

On a fun note.  My fur gilet is done!

fur gilet


In an amazing feat that may never be repeated again, I started and finished (!) this project during last night’s premier of Downton Abbey.  Holy Cow!  Granted, my episode took a little longer than others, because I kept rewinding the DVR to replay some awesome Maggie Smith lines–like when she mistook Sir Grantham for a waiter.  lol!


    • While I don’t even my Mister his daily trek in and out of the city, I do really enjoy it when I get to go in. Reading or knitting on the train, and then always a tasty lunch…and there’s just something about heading into work in a place that’s actually a prize on game shows is just special!

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