I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but SPRING is in the air!

How do I know? Well, for one thing, yesterday at 5pm, it was still light outside! If that’s not a harbinger for good things to come, I don’t know what is.

And 2, these came in the mail:

amazing shoes


I’ll let you in on a secret…I’m a bit of an Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes.  I’ve been eyeing these Cole Haan bucks for almost a year now.  Just a bit beyond my budget.  But now that they’re a year out of date (pays to be patient), I was able to snag up a pair on Ebay at nearly half price!  WOOT!

The neat thing about these–Cole Haan is now owned by Nike, so the inserts are super comfy.  Which is good because these are the shoes I’m taking to my trade show next month, and I’ve got 3 full days of booth standing to do in them.  I do need to break them in a bit, so maybe one of these Janathon mornings, I’ll do some speed work in them.  The neon yellow soles will match my Sugoi Versa jacket.

Today’s Janathon activity was quite calm compared to yesterday–an easy 3.02 miles that ended at my Starbucks–in 30:57.  A good run, although my PT dr beat up my IT band last night, so I was sore from the graston, but not the running.

Janathon in a nutshell:

  • today’s miles: 3.02
  • total janathon miles: 28 miles
  • Day 7’s sunset: 16:46:17
  • Day 8’s sunset: 16:47:18
  • Day 9’s (tomorrow) sunet: 16:48:20


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