Itsy bitsy spider

climbed up something and ended up in my shower this morning.

It was HUGE and black and a bit fuzzy.  Of course I screamed.  Of course, nobody in my household came running.  So I grabbed some tp, smooshed it (the spider), and then flushed it.   When I told the Mister about it “there was an ENORMOUS spider in the bathtub!” He was all “was it as big as your palm?” And of course it wasn’t.  It was the size of my thumbnail. I guess size is relative to the amount of surprise.

Day 10 Janathon consisted of am stretching and strengthening, and a night-time 3 mile Winter Warrior loop at my LRS.  When I run with a group, I run faster.  Too bad my hip and ankle suck.  On a positive note, I have an appointment with an acupuncturist next Wednesday.  At the very least, it will be good blog fodder.

Janathon stats:

  • Day 10 miles: 3.05
  • Day 10 time: 29:03
  • Pace: 9:31
  • Janathon total miles: 34
  • # of Janathon spiders in bathtubs: 1

One comment

  1. HA! Yes, by mid-month, runs become practically a given, while “good blog fodder” becomes challenging & sought after. Good job! (EEEEEEEEKK! I don’t like spiders either, so in the bathtub by surprise is especially undesirable!)

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