Motivation & Compliance

Motivation comes in all forms.  I’m loving Janathon (and Janathon’s sister Juneathon) because it’s motivating to know that across the globe hundreds of people are lacing up their shoes, hopping on a bike or treadmill, or even doing press-ups in a bar, all in the name of a virtual challenge.  But going hand-in-hand with all that motivation is compliance.  For many, the biggest challenge to Janathon is getting your mind in line with your body.  Physically, you can do the activity, it’s just convincing yourself that it’s fun to head out in the cold (dark, rain, at work, insert obstacle here).  For me this past half year, it’s been the opposite–my mind is so eager to do so much–to head out in the cold (heat, dark, rain, snow, late, early, etc)–but I can’t convince my body to toe the line.

That’s when Janathon helps the most.

I am taking a page from henniemavis‘ book and trying to be smart about listening to my injury (ies).  I find Hennie impressive because she sets goals and limits and THEN FOLLOWS THEM!  Something I have a hard time with.

So, today I decided I wanted one more day of rest for my stupid hip/hammy and ankle.  They’re just not behaving nicely, and with Surf City in just 3 weeks, I feel the need to step back, try to get in one more long run and then taper. I want to complete that race strongly–maybe (ok, let’s face it: most likely) not with a PB, but I want to finish strong.

So instead of a run on what is probably the most decent (in terms of temperature) day so far this week, I set out for a two mile walk.  I kept telling myself “I will not run, I will not run.  Henniemavis did not deviate from her treadmill plan even though she wanted to, I will not run.”  And I didn’t run.  Instead: 2 miles in 28:16 (that’s a 14:03/pace).

Then back at the ranch, I traded in my foam roller for a lacrosse ball. O-M-Freakin’-G!  That hurt.  It made the foam roller seem like a stuffed teddy bear.  But if Henniemavis can diligently stretch and foam roll, so can I!

With any luck (and more lacrosse ball rolling) I’ll be back on the road tomorrow.


  1. You are absolutely right….as a runner with nearly a million years experience, rule number one is listen to your body! if it hurts, be gentle!
    Have you tried yoga and pilates? I do both and I find they complement running perfectly – and I have less injury problems now than I used to.

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