I wish I had a fancier font for that word–neolyth.

Cleaning out Thing 3’s lunchbox, I came across a business card (!). No, 3rd graders have not yet taken to passing around business cards, but the father of another 3rd grader has, it appears.

So this morning, I’m staring at this card that says Neolyth in a fancy font, and I realized I have no idea what that means. A visit to said father’s website tells me he’s a shaman. Another word (and profession) with which I’m not too familiar.

For those new to On the Lam(b), I live in a fairly conventional suburb of NYC.  We’re about 11 miles west of the city, and given its location, the vast majority of residents work in the city (or at least one of the spouses does).  My town has its fair share of bankers (retail and investment), brokers, people in fashion, design, oh, and tons of writers and editors and musicians.  I’m guessing not so many neolyths.

It’s easy to judge my town.  Or suburbs in general.  As not-exciting.  As spirit-crushing.  As dull and predictable.  But after living here for nearly 15 years (the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life), there can be surprises at every turn.  Bankers burning the midnight oil as comic book artists.  SAHMs with mad photography skillz.  And now we’ve got a Neolyth!  Woo-freakin’-hoo!

Closer inspection of the Neolyth’s card states that one of his specialties is sacred space design.  I wonder if he could help out my home gym.  It’s becoming a sacred space, given the amount of time this Janathon I’m spending there.

Today was a rest day; stretching, strengthening.  Same old, same old.  The hip was quite tight, so instead of running tomorrow, I may take a fast walk, but I’m still aiming for a long run on Sunday.  11 miles.




  1. OMG… he is marketing and networking via child lunch pails? Wait … how did he put the business card in there?!?!?

    I admit though … having a shaman nearby does at a bit of excitment and cool quirkiness to the neighborhood 🙂

    • i realized after writing this that it would seem odd that my 8yr old came home with another child’s father’s business card. She actually asked him for his number so that I could call him to set up a playdate (for our two daughters). I have yet to dial, though. I’m trying to time it so that I get to hear his voicemail message. I have a feeling it may be interesting!

  2. Good morning. I assume I might still be expecting that call. 🙂 this is Brian, the guy from the card. I was surfing the net on Neolyth since I am opening up a meditation center here in montclair NJ and I came across your post. Pretty funny. So we will be holding regular shamanic events at the center and some of them with be family in nature as well. I assume our kids were friends so hopefully we could meet sometime. And if you ever hand any questions regarding the shamanic work, let me know. We have a meetup group called the montclair shamanic circle and we are actually having a drum circle tonight by the walnut street station. BTW the word neolyth stands for “new Stone Age” so that is going to be the focus of the center. A return to basics and more of a primal connection. Feel free to email me at

    Small world, right?

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