bonjour montclair


This is now Chez Sato’s go-to Sunday breakfast joint.  The crepes (both savory and sweet) are delish, and it’s conveniently on my long run route.  Often times the Mister will text me in the middle of my run asking where I am along my route and if we should meet up there.  I’ve been known to put in my 6 miles, stop in for crepes and family time, and then head out for 3-4 more.

Today the text came slightly later into my run, so I was already past the point of no return (to Bonjour Montclair).  Instead, the fam held on for 20 more minutes as I made my way home.

I should be quiet about Bonjour Montclair, because our town has two breakfast joints that are already too popular for their own good.  Lines start forming at 7am.  And last until noon.  And the bill for a family of 5 (at either) gets close to $70.  (I KNOW! $70 for breakfast!!!!).  At Bonjour Montclair we eat well and in a less crowded atmosphere for under $40.

The best part of today’s breakfast though?  When the Mister mentioned that instead of taking Thing 3 to Funplex (an indoor playground that he’s been promising for an entire week to take her to), he’d take her for a flu shot.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such disappointment on an 8 yr old’s face.

Janathon stats:

  • # of miles: 12 (!)
  • Total Janathon miles: 46
  • # of crepes eaten: 1.5 (banana/strawberry and banana/strawberry/nutella–yes I finished off Thing 3’s crepe as well).
  • # of flu shots?: 1 (hopefully)


  1. Googles “Bonjour Montclair” so that I can find it one day … and will tell ALL my friends about it too so that there is lots of business and they do not close down. Ohhh …lookit the lines!

    LOL…just kidding. I sooooo know what you mean about those oohh sooo yum breakfast places where you have to wait outside for 20 minutes to get in! Shhhh … I will keep it a secret *smiles*

    Now … I do think the Mister needs to make up to Thing 3 there … OMG … I mean …yahhhhh for getting the flu shot for sure …. but …ohhhhh … I can just FEEL the disappointment and fun treachory laden angst!

  2. alas, Thing 3 didn’t get her flu shot, nor a trip to the Funplex (a flu-ridden place if ever!). Instead they visited the craft store. Another venue I won’t set foot in.

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