Day 14

A day of rest (or at least a rest from running–still did my stretching and strengthening).  Well deserved after my 12 mile effort yesterday.

The big question on my mind though: is it a bad sign when the clerk at the enormous chain  beer store tells you: “hey, that’s not the kind of beer your husband likes!” when you’re going through the cash-out?

A trifle worrisome…that the clerk knows our beer preferences.  Somehow it feels different when the barista knows your coffee order.

Food (rather, drink?) for thought.


  1. *grins* …. perhaps some people just have good memories? My brother visited once … we went to a pub….the next day we went back and they remembered his beer of choice. (Yet … I go to eat there a lot … but they don’t remember MY name. Jaysus!)

    Nevertheless … what did your other half say when (if) you asked him about it?

  2. When i told the Mister about the beer store clerk, he told me that he’s been having an ongoing conversation with him for nearly a year about karate (the mister’s sport). The beer clerk is also learning Japanese, and likes to practice on the Mister.

    • Nods …makes sense then … they are friends. Yahhh … that is good nod nods. And now things are making sense in other ways…he went to Japan … on one of the photos you have (on the blog where he ran with you that one day) … he looked to be Asian (but the fear in me that saying so might make me seen politically incorrect kept me from asking! Ack!) … and now that I pay closer attention … see’s it shown on the name.

      Soooo question … if Beer store person saw that you were buying the Mister a different beer … did he tell you want is normally gotten? Did you get the other beer?

      • The Mister and I are on an IPA kick–but he gets the same brand each time, whereas I like to try some of the newer ones. I think the clerk thought he was doing me a favor, but really, we both like trying new beers, so it all comes out in the wash…

      • Ohh .. again …I am not a drinker … but the brothers….hoo boy! lol. When he came to visit he had some IPA’s…and he liked them. The local brew pubs here all have IPA’s…and you go to the market and there are about 5 bazillion types of beers!

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