The toughest part of Janathon isn’t necessarily the running (or exercising) bit.  It’s the blog fodder.  I feel as though I’m running on empty, so today I dragged the Mister out of bed to run with me (not necessarily true–he was already out of bed, and he suggested the run).

P & T


I was glad about running with him–he was dressed in navy blue.  It was still dark out.  Even after throwing a reflective vest on him, I still worried.  (this is my biggest pet peeve: invisible runners) I figured with me in my bright yellow reflective jacket, we’d be seen.

After the run, we got the kiddos off to school and jumped in the car for a trip to the airport.  No, we did not run away.  The Mister is now on his 3rd trip back to Japan in just about six weeks.  He needs to be there for his mother’s 49th Day ceremony–it’s a Buddhist belief that the dead wander about for 49 days following their death.  On the 49th day, they pass into the next world.

All of this seemed slightly grim for blog fodder though, so to end on a high note, I’m now participating in the Pavement Runner’s #MilesofShame wager on the upcoming (american) football league championships.  I’m not a football fan–but my team (if I’m said to have a team) the Patriots are playing, and since I’m from New England, I’m throwing my hat (or legs?) into the ring.


  1. That is great that he runs with you at times.

    Still, I am sorry to hear of his mum’s passing … even though we don’t know one always makes me sad when I hear about such things. I hope he has a safe flight there … takes the time to honor his mum the way he needs … and returns home safely.

    • Thanks Katie. We were lucky in that he was able to spend a good deal of time with her before she passed. This visit will include many “thank-yous” to all the relatives that have stepped up to the plate over the past 49 days. And I feel exactly the same way when I hear of ‘a friend of a friends…” troubles–always causes me to pause and count my blessings.

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