I seriously have to get over my phobias, and quickly.

Tonight was my first acupuncture appointment. The needle thing I was so worried about?No problemo.  In fact, I barely felt anything.  The only spot where there was pressure (no pain, just pressure) was where there are huge knots.  (TMI: Like in my right butt cheek). But right now I am sitting on a hard kitchen chair with no pain in my a$$ for the first time in what feels like decades months.  I liked the place. The acupuncturist (Alaina) was calming, but not in that weird new world way.  She asked about my diet, but didn’t suggest changes.  I’m very against changes to my diet.  I like what I eat (everything) and drink (nearly everything), and don’t want to substitute my salt & vinegar chips for kale. (Not that kale is bad, but S&V chips are better. In moderation.) Anyway, I’m going back Saturday.

I wasn’t able to snap any photos (it didn’t seem so appropriate), but we celebrated at home with Cake Pops!

cake pop maker 2013-01-15 19.11.01


The cake pop maker was Thing 3’s Santa gift.  Thing 3 tends to ask for bizarre Christmas gifts. Three years ago she was all about the Touch & Brush. She even tivo’d the commercial so I could see exactly what she wanted.  (FYI: the touch & brush is still working, in case you were wondering).

The cake pop maker is quite a treat though.  Easy to use, easy to clean, and there’s never any harm in one little pop of cake.

And I limited myself to one because today’s Janathon activity was of the non-aerobic variety.  This morning I thought it had only snowed, so I dressed and laced up at 5:30 am for my run.  Stretched, and headed out the door, only to have a huge sheet of slushy, snowy, icy mess slide down the porch roof on top of my head.  I turned right around and spent another 30 minutes on my strengthening exercises–clams of many varieties, kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, planks, bicep curls, etc.

Janathon round-up Day 15:

  • # of miles today: 0
  • total janathon miles: 49
  • # of squats, kettlebell swings, lunges: 25 each
  • # of janathon cake pops eaten: 1 (so far, but the others are calling my name…)
  • # of acupuncture needles in my body: 9 or 10, i lost count



  1. Oh. My. God. Hhahaha … I loved that cake pop thing AND the touch-n-brush. They work well together! Eat a cake pop … then go and touch-n-brush yahhhh! lol.

    Ok … where to begin … this was an AWESOME post.

    Cake pop … it fits 12 …count em …12 cake pops. Oh….choco ones…I would eat almost ALL of them in a day I am sure if it was in my house.

    Toucn-n-brush … that was soooo funny. My first thought was…ewwww….everyone’s toothbrust touches the tip of the dispenser…but….that might happen anyway with a normal tube. I did like the one-handed thing nod nods. But … I was wondering how it did with a electric rotating brush…then they showed one that comes with the unit. But … they did NOTshow it working with the touch-n-brush … it looks like it would put too huge a dollop on the little round head! (Ohhhh….shut up Katie!!!! Why are you critisizing this … it is actually pretty damn cool!)

    As for the acupuncture … I did it once long ago and thought it helped too. Not sure why I have never been back though. Hope your next visit goes well too.

    • the next cake pop recipe we’re going to try will be red velvet! of course some people decorate theirs all fancy, but we haven’t gotten that sophisticated yet. THe other great thing about the pop maker is that you can do savory treats (cheese balls, olive balls, etc.).

      the touch and brush surprised everyone with its usefulness–even cynical Things 1 & 2. We did not get the spinning brush, though.

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