Good day, sunshine

We’ve had a week of cloudy gloom here in NJ, so today I feel like Noah looking out from the Ark.  Such abundant sunshine!  Although it’s freezing cold.

sunny PN


This is the view from my office window.  I work in Port Newark (for this organization) which is across the street (well, actually highway) from Newark Liberty International Airport.  At one point in my tenure here, my view was clear, but about a year ago, the empty lot started to get filled up with empty containers.  At first I was disappointed, it was fun watching ships come into port (mostly car ships, or as they’re known colloquially: ro-ros, for roll on, roll off), but now I feel like I’m part of some lego display and I’m used to it.  As a side note, after Hurricane Sandy, all these neatly stacked containers were strewn willy-nilly about the port, like some giant toddler had come and kicked them about.  Those that were left standing were actually all tilty like that famed tower in Pisa.  And for a few weeks after the storm, you’d hear these great crashes (and feel the building shake) as those leaning container towers came tumbling to the ground.  A tad frightful.  So to see them all lined up so nice and neatly now is actually a little bit reassuring.

Today is an rest day for me.  So Janathon activity consisted of: 25 squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, and then stretching and strengthening with the thera-band.  Then walking .25 miles at a fast clip to drop Thing 3 off at school early so I could catch my 7:45 train into the city.  (yes, I was actually working in the city this morning, but am back in the port this afternoon).


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