I’m Your Venus…

Today was my 2nd acupuncture visit, and since I’m not supposed to run after a visit, I was up early to get in my 3 miles beforehand.

This visit involved more needles.  Mostly because I brought the appropriate attire (shorts), which meant the acupuncturist could actually get to my hamstring/IT band.

More needles meant more pressure.  In some parts of my body, the needles go in with just a slight squeeze.  Other parts, there’s a more intense pressure.  It’s not painful, but it’s a surprise when it happens.  The acupuncturist explained it well–some of the muscles are all knotted up, so I should think of a fine chain necklace that’s got knots.  Sometimes you have to take a pin, and insert it into the center of that knot to shake the knot loose.  That’s what the needles are doing.  So, when I’m feeling the pressure, that indicates that my muscles are in the process of unknotting, which is good.

After acupuncture, Thing 3 and I worked on her planet project (Venus) and her Valentines (yes, we’re doing this in advance).  Thing 3 is lucky she’s number 3; Thing 1’s and 2’s planet projects were done by me very professional.  And I’ll be honest, when they didn’t come home with top grades, I was more than a little miffed.  Thing 3 gets to do her own projects.  They’re not so pretty.  The writing’s sorta crooked.  Sometimes there are spelling errors.  But, I’m so much more relaxed.  Third time’s a charm, I guess.

It’s still the middle of the afternoon–and a slow day–so this afternoon I and evening, I plan on getting some knitting in.  I’m a bit behind on Runner, especially if I want to wear it after Surf City (2/3).  Good thing there’s a six hour flight to southern california that I can count on!

Janathon Totals:

  • Today’s miles: 3.39
  • Total Janathon miles: 55
  • # of planets learned about today: 1, Venus
  • Diameter of Venus: 7,257 miles
  • Venus’ distance from the sun: 67 million miles
  • # of people on Venus: none–it’s too hot
  • How long it takes Venus to orbit the sun: 224.7 days
  • Length of Janathon (in days) if Venus could sustain runners: can’t quite do that math.


  1. Did you feel a lot better after this acupuncture visit? (The last one seemed to do wonders for you.)

    And .. . I want to know what grade she gets. Do you think your other two … the instructor knew you helped? About 2 or 3 years ago I was in a parent-teacher conference … and he was telling me he could tell which student’s parents helped more than was … asked. He said it does not help to teach the youngsters to learn on their own … they have to struggle a little to learn. That being said .. he also told me that he does not get angry either …he said if it helps build a family relationship then perhaps that is worth it. And .. .he said it’s better than a parent not paying attention at all.

    • I am feeling better after the visit–the recovery after my run was tough (bad fueling choices), but my hip’s feeling much better.

      I’ll be interested to see how her planet project compares to others. I think the teachers expect the parents to help out–the instructions seem too complicated for such a young age group. Plus we’re living in an uber-competitive district, so the bar seems really high. The difference even between what was expected of my older two (8 and 6 yrs older than Thing 3) and what’s expected of her is HUGE.

      The hard thing about Thing 3 is that she is a bit of a perfectionist–she gets these ideas of how her projects should look in her head, and when they end up looking different, she’s disappointed. So a lot of project-making makes me do things with her step by step over days, so she can clearly define what she wants and she can see the entire thing evolve slowly so she can make adjustments (mostly to her expectations) along the way.

    • I’m glad you are feeling better … even of the recovery time was tough, do you think the acupuncture helped with the soreness? Too bad there is not a way to know what it would be like post run with and without the acupuncture.

      And oh … I have no doubt that what is expected of her is a lot more than her siblings who went before her. I look at my daughters homework assignments and I think to myself…did I do that at her age? And then I realize that today they learn different and have different tools. A lot of things are done on computers…so her typing skills and computer skills are a lot better than mine even though she is young.

      In things like science they also seem a half leap ahead due to how much quicker they learn … at least it seems that way to me.

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