I…..have become….comfortably numb

(one day I’d like to speak solely in song lyrics…)

I’m comfortably numb because of trip to the dentist.  To repair a filling.  ick.  The Things all had their teeth cleaned.  I love our dentist, and love when we show up how the office give us a “hey the Satos are in the house!”

All three Things had clean check-ups (good). And my filling was repaired without incident.  Now I’m sitting here drooling (or at least it feels as though I’m drooling) scrolling through Janathon blogs.

I love Janathon for the motivation, and now there’s an added perk: new vocabulary.  I know the common “these words are different across the pond” words, like lorry for truck and biscuit for cookie and (thanks to Juneathon) running kit for running gear.  It helps that my brother-in-law is Scottish, so I heard words like these often.  But with all the snow the UK is experiencing, I’ve got yet one more word to add to my arsenal: sledge.  Is it actually pronounced sledge as in sledge hammer? But now my Scottish brother-in-law’s indifference to all the fuss we (my brothers and I) make about his last name (Sleigh–pronounced ‘slee’ instead of ‘slay’) sorta makes sense. Even though I’ll still always giggle at Christmas time when we sing Jingle Bells (Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open slee)

Today’s Janathon activity was 25 kettlebells swings, 25 squats, and my other strengthening/stretching activities.


  1. Aieeee…the dentist!!!!

    I hate that if you forget to floss 1 single day in 6 months that they scold you … and decide to make you pay for it by forcefully clean your teeth.

    “Won’t floss 20 times a day eh Katie? Take THIS!” (At which point the hygienist gets our her roll of barbed wire dental floss.)

    Hee … I am kidding (I think) … I just had my check up about 2 months ago … so I am safe for near 4 more months.

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