You spin me

right round baby right round, like a record plate of sushi baby….

kaiten sushi


Chez Sato, sushi is a fave, so when Thing 2 suggested a trip to our local ‘kaiten’ sushi (circling sushi), all hands were in favor.  Here’s how it works: you sit at the sushi bar, and plates of varying colors loaded with sushi pass by.  You grab the ones you want.  At the end of the night, the waitress adds up the plates (each color represents a specific dollar amount), and you pay your bill.

Here’s our damage:
empty plates

Tonight was a light night, given that Thing 1 was with a friend and didn’t join us for dinner. The stack of white plates belonged to Thing 3 (mostly california rolls and egg sushi).  The other stack belonged to myself and Thing 2–eel rolls, chopped spicy tuna, squid, etc.

I was so hungry tonight.  My janathon activity consisted of a 10.5 mile run in the morning, and I’ve been famished all day long.  The run itself wasn’t so great–total lack of energy.  More than tired legs, though, I think it was poor eating on Friday and Saturday that did me in.  If I’m going to do 10+ miles on a Sunday morning, my diet on Saturday needs to be more than tomato soup for dinner.  Lesson learned.

Janathon Data:

  • today’s miles: 10.5
  • Total janathon miles: 66
  • # of sushi plates devoured: 14



  1. Ohhh…I love love love sushi. We have a couple Sushi Track places nearby. I probably eat about 3 or 4 plates when I go. I like the spicy tuna, seared eel, smoked salmon, and the inari ones. Oh … and there is this little round sesame seed ball that has a pasty thing inside that I like. And another ohh … I like the little pickled cucumber things too.

    Sheesh…that sounds like MORE than 3 or 4 plates. Ack! lol

    • When my oldest is with us, we are usually at close to 25 plates or so! So much easier on the wallet when he’s with friends! I love the sesame seed ball (if it’s the same one I’m thinking of, there’s bean paste inside, right?). mmmm. getting hungry again.

    • OMG…I am doing the math on that … whilst I know that the plates have varying prices…I would guess on average it is…maybe between $2.00 to $2.50 … so that would make it …

      *adds up some numbers….multiply by x … carry the 4 ….*

      OMG…that is like 5 gazillion dollars! Send him to the neighbors to eat! lol

      And yes…that sounds like the same thing…the little sesame seed ball…at the one I go to there is normally 3 on the plate. Mmmm…tis like dessert that.

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