Baby it’s cold outside

There may not be any snow (and subsequently, our sledges are still unused for the 2nd winter in a row), but man oh man, it’s chilly outside!  This morning was 12F!  And at noon it was only 15F! But I headed out, as I couldn’t resist the challenge of running on what will  probably be the coldest day of the winter.  I headed out at 6:15am with 3 layers, wool hats, mitts, gaiter, thermal tights.  And two miles later, I booked it home, nose and legs and fingers just FROZEN!

At home, I stretched out in our family room (instead of my bedroom), and noticed there were 3 messages on our home answering machine.  Now no-one has called our home number in, hmmm. maybe 2 or 3 years.  Why we keep our landline, I’m not sure, but we do.  So I played back the messages.  The first two were robo-calls. The last was a mystery: first there was silence, then the sound of a cell phone ringing.  A man answered the cell phone and then started discussing a law case with the caller (presumably the client).  Seems there’s some trouble brewing in Palo Alto (that’s across the country from me in NJ), and Dan’s (the client’s) old county court records were not going to make it to (the new) court in time for his hearing because they weren’t on microfiche.  Would his former attorney happen to have copies of the case from 1997?  Then the phone hung up.

Well, OMG!  Who is Dan?  What did he do in 1997 that’s resurfacing in 2013? Who’s this lawyer who somehow can’t negotiate the court system to get copies of old records expeditiously?  How did this phone call end up on my answering machine? And people still use microfiche?

So much to ponder on this bitterly cold night.  I may lose some sleep!



  1. Ok … that is SERIOUSLY cold there … holy moly! We were supposed to have freezing rain here today … but it did not happen…whew!

    Now, as for the mystery caller….hhmmm…some sleuthing is obviously required here …. that or just some plain old story making up!

    Let’s try sleuthing first. (What is really cool … is that I thought I was making up the word “sleuthing” … but it is not giving me the red squiggly line underneath it telling me it is a spelling error. So it MUST be a real word. Oh … that is also backwards sleuthing logic at work haha.)

    Ok … back to sleuthing…

    So…1997…that is 15 years ago at least … so we can deduce, my dear Watson … errr, I mean Paige … is that the statute of limitations has not run it course. That being said, all we have to do now is to determine what crime has longer than a 15 year statute?

    But wait ..another clue Wat…err..Paige. This ‘accidental’ phone call ended up on your never used answering machine.


    I believe we can say that the ‘robo’ calls were not really robo calls at all. But instead, an insidious way to somehow get the Sato clan involved in a crime most heinous. That …and a man named Dan.

    OH MY GOD…I believe that author Dan Brown has plagerized someone else for his book Angels and Demons and has murdered the original author to cover up his heinous crime!

    Uhmm…that or I had wayyy too much caffeine earlier and it was just an accidental call about a divorce case. *shrugs* lol

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