There’s no bad weather

Only bad clothing.  And today I was wearing it.

This morning it was all of 21F when I went for my run. At 5:45am.  That was today’s high here in NJ.

While I was plenty warm on my run (fleece tights, 3 long-sleeved layers, wool hat & mitts and neck gaiter works wonders although my butt gets cold–i guess it’s considered an extremity?), I was not warm at work.  I had on a pair of heavy wool tweed capris (yes, that was the downfall) and nylon socks.  Idiot.  I should know better than to wear nylon socks.  I only have one pair.  All my other socks are Smartwool or handknit wool.  (which is also smart, just not branded as such).

So all day long my ankles (and subsequently feet) were freezing.  At acupuncture this afternoon, I could not warm up, and that made the entire procedure less relaxing than my first two visits.

Now I’m home, in wool socks (handknit), cashmere leggings, a smartwool base layer, and a wool/silk blend bulky sweater that I got in Scotland years ago.  Because they know their cold and damp in Scotland.

Tomorrow I’m dressing smarter.

Today’s Janathon stats:

  • Day 22 mileage: 3
  • total mileage: 69
  • Today’s temp: 21F, down to 17 by nightfall
  • outlook for this week: a balmy 27F by Friday.  When it will snow.


    • The capris were more ankle length than under the knee, so me legs were covered…but there’s something about ankles and wrists–if they get cold, then I’m down for the count!

  1. Ohh …when it gets cold at work it totally sucks … becuase then you are kind of trapped there and can’t just go to the closet or dresser to get something warmer.

    I now have a little throw at work that I can put over my legs when I get cold. I used to have a space heater until the maintenance person made me take it home because they consider all space hearters fire hazards.

    Oh …thinks I see another blog post from you…

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