bling bling

I got a few unexpected packages this week.

bling bling

A new t-shirt (yes, is it too obvious that I’m pining for slightly warmer weather) and a bracelet from Bia.  The shirt (just LOVE good design like this) is from Another Mother Runner‘s store–I’d been eyeing it for months now, and just bit the bullet last weekend.  The bracelet is a complete surprise.  I was part of the posse that backed Bia on Kickstarter (if you don’t know Kickstarter, go visit!  The entrepreneur in me just LOVES this–a much better time suck than pinterest anyday), and this bracelet was a “thanks for keeping with us” token  (I think).  My Bia watch will be ready in the late spring; I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to rock this!

Today’s Janathon activities are rather subdued–knitting for an hour (yes, it counts as activity, burning about 50 calories/hour) plus my morning stretches and strengthening exercises (squats, kettlebell swings, clams, bridges, hamstring curls).  It’s snowing now (not enough for sledging), but I’ll head out tomorrow am before acupuncture.

I’m closing in on the home stretch with Runner–I’m on sleeve 1, about half way through.  I suspect I’ll finish up sleeve one this weekend, and start on sleeve two during Downton Abbey.  If I want to wear this during Surf City, I’ve got to get going–maybe if I’m speedier at knitting, I’ll burn more than 50 calories per hour?




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