It’s what’s for dinner.  At least tonight, chez Sato.


Yes, that’s probably the least appetizing pic of pancakes EVER, but they were delish. We all like different flavors, so I make the batter, then divide it in smaller bowls, and everyone adds their own stuff.  Mine were blueberries and walnuts.  Thing 3 added so many chocolate chips that her pancakes were more like chocolate cakes.

After last week’s fail of a 10 mile run (due to poor nutrition planning the day before, and trying to run on a bowl of soup from the night before), I was certain to make sure my body was fed plenty 0′ carbs today.  Tomorrow is the beginning of my taper, but I’ve still got 8 miles planned.

The other reason for the pancakes is that The Mister is due home tomorrow after 10 or so days away in Japan.  The Mister is not a fan of breakfast for dinner.  Nor does he quite understand the dinner for breakfast idea (cold, leftover pizza) concept, either.  Being a rather orderly person, he likes breakfast at breakfast and dinner at dinner.

So when he’s gone, all hell breaks loose!  We have breakfast for dinner (with alarming regularity)!  We eat entire meals with our elbows on the table!  We DON’T slurp our noodles (huge faux-pas in Japan)! And that all ends tomorrow afternoon at 4:30.

Today’s Janathon consisted of a not-so-easy 3 mile run.  Not-so-easy because I’m living with some icky congestion in my chest, which makes breathing (especially in the frigid temps) a bit interesting.  I followed up my run with yet another acupuncture appointment.  I’m seeing improvement–slow but steady, slow but steady.

Janathon, Day 26

  • today’s miles: 3.11
  • Janathon total mileage: 77
  • # of pancakes eaten tonight: 3
  • # of pancakes sitting in a tupperware for re-heating tomorrow: 3



  1. LOL…I will admit, until you mentioned that it was pancakes I was peering at it thinking, “WHAT is that?!?!?!” lol. But I love blueberry pancakes. (I learnt to ‘fold’ the blueberries in at the very end…or the batter goes totally purple!)

    But I would NOT say no to a bit of the choco filled one your daughter did.

    And … I hope the Mister had was able to get the things done he needed to … and I hope his welcome home is a relaxing one.

  2. I just noticed that you & I are about the same in run mileage 🙂 Mmmm, those pancake look good enough for me. I made French toast on Sat. morning & oh, it is so NOT on my diet but wow, was it good! Have a great last week of Janathon.

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