Now you see it,


very hungry catepillar

now you don’t

very dead catepillar

This was The Very Hungry Catepillar that has been living Chez Sato since early December.   Thing 2 brought him home from a one-year old’s birthday party that she had attended.  (She also brought home his smaller cousin, the table decoration).  All I know is that the mother of said 1 year old must have been pretty pleased with Thing 2 asked if she could take this one.  It is was enormous.

The Mister was coming home today, and I felt the need to de-clutter. Something about the cold and being stuck inside staring at all my crap possessions (and those of the Things) was making me crazy! TVHC was the first casualty.  (Let me tell you, the green balloons, well those popped easily.  The RED one, boy that was LOUD!).

The funny thing? Noone’s said a word yet about TVHC’s absence.  Which means I could have done this weeks ago.  We don’t live in a large house.  TVHC used up some valuable square footage.

Other stuff that didn’t survive? Old Christmas cards. Some non-functioning headphones. The Halloween candy (from 2011!).

But I’ll admit, I popped a very stale piece of bazooka gum into my mouth as I headed out for my last long run before Surf City (8 miles).  Today marks the start of my taper week, and I’m glad about that.  I need some rest.  I’ll do stretching and strengthening tomorrow, have acupuncture on Tuesday, and I may try to see my ART/Graston guy on Wednesday.  Fly to SoCal on Thursday (I’ll do laps on the plane, I promise!).  Plus some good eating.  Today’s run went well, and I’m going to chalk that up to the food I’ve been eating.

Janathon Day 27:

  • Today’s miles: 8.66
  • Total Janathon miles: 86
  • # of catepillar balloons no longer living: 1
  • # of Things making a fuss about that: 0 (which says to this wise mother–I can wield a knife sooner rather than later next time around).
  • Days left unti Surf City: 6!


    • whoever did the balloon decorations was a true artist. the smaller table toppers were amazing too! And the reason he held on so long is that I had to totally separate myself from the character in the book!

    • so, as a follow up to TVHC’s disappearance–I was nagging Thing 2 to pick up the living room (where TVHC lived), and she comes to me with the knife I used in its demise, and asked “why was there a knife in the living room?” And I responded, “I took care of something that needed taking care of.” Her response–“what?” I said “well, what’s missing? Have you noticed?” And she got this very startled look on her face and said “OMG, what did you do to the cat?!?!”

      • hahahaha….was she serious?!?!? At least she didn’t say….”OMG…dad….” lol

        By the way…did he make it home safely? 🙂

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