Now that I’m done with Runner, I’ve got to find me a rebound project.  You know, a project that won’t be nearly as satisfying, won’t have that “must. knit. now” feel to it, won’t cause me to do math in my head (calculating short rows or thumbhole placement).  A rebound.  A place holder.  For the next big thing.

In fact, this week is full of rebound.  Tomorrow is the last day of Janathon, and now I’ve got to find some other way to stay motivated, but it won’t be nearly as satisfying, won’t have that “must. run. now” feel to it, won’t cause me to do math in my head (how many days? how many miles? what is a sledge?–sorry, not math that one).  Yes, until fair Juneathon rolls around, I’ll need that place holder.

Tomorrow morning at 5:15am, Thing 1 and I leave chez Sato for Long Beach, CA.  It will be a busy weekend, with two college visits, 3 full days of trade show (plus set up and tear down), a meal with a donor for my work, and of course Surf City. I’m approaching Surf City a bit timidly.  As I mentioned yesterday, the out-and-back format isn’t my favorite.  And my hip/butt/hammy still sucks.

But here’s what I know:  I know I will finish.  I know I will have a good time with my aunt and other family that will be there.

Lots of bloggers I read set A, B and C goals for their races.  Six months ago just at the beginning of this stupid hip/hammy injury, my A goal was to crush my PR–to get as close to 2 hours as possible.  Now after six months of being less than 100%, I’ve got a bit more perspective and two big goals:

A Goal: to run miles 10.5-13.1.  At each of my HM races, miles 10.5-13 were TOUGH.  Lots of walking.  Even in Providence, which was my best race (both in terms of time and training), I had a tough time miles 11-13.1.  So my A goal for Surf City is to finish strong, which may be hard given the long out-and-back format.

B Goal: 2:20 or better.  My 12 mile long run (two weeks ago) was 2.07.  With no adrenaline, roar of the crowd or even water breaks to help.  I think 2:20 is completely within my reach.

Today’s penultimate Janathon activity consisted of a 3 mile run, bringing my monthly total to 89 miles.  Tomorrow I’ll be moving alot (across the country, in fact, but don’t expect much time for running.  I will not use the people mover at the airport though.  I promise!)



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