california dreaming….

ok, so this whole weather thing.  Well, i’m sold. California weather (the entire 10 hours I’ve experienced of it) puts NJ weather to shame.  At least this year.  Honestly, NJ’s January has been one gray and gloomy (and cold) month.  Here in Orange County it’s AMAZING! Warm. Not hot. Not humid. With a cool breeze.  And so sunny my eyes hurt.

On the last day of Janathon, Thing 1 and I traveled from NJ to Orange County, NJ.  I’ve got a trade show, and Thing 1 wanted to see a few colleges while I was out here, so he came along for the ride.  We woke at 4:30am (EST), got to the airport by 5:45, and were on our plane at 6:30am.  Our weather upon departure: windy with gusts up to 60mph, and sideways rain.

Five and a half hours later, we touched down in SoCal, to sunny 65F weather.  My eyes still hurt from the glare of the sun.  I feel like a mole.

My activity today consisted of a campus tour of Harvey Mudd College (yes, Thing 1 is a STEM geek), and lots of driving.  I agree, it’s not a great athletic finish to Janathon, but I got uninterrupted time with my 17 year old son, so I’m calling today a success.  And I’m tapering for Surf City, so I have a valid excuse.

Janathon totals:

  • total janathon miles: 89
  • total # of janathon sweaters: 1
  • total # of janathon college tours: 1
  • # of gray days in NJ during Janathon: 31
  • # of sunny days in SoCal during Janathon: mostly likely 31
  • # of sub-freezing Janathon runs: way too many
  • # of sub-freezing days in SoCal during Janathon: mostly likely 0
  • # of days til Juneathon: too many!!!

See you all in few!


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