Stick a fork in it

My first HM of the year is OVER.  And I’m happy with the results.  Especially considering my stupid hip/hammy issues this fall/winter.

Overall: 6275 out of 14531
Women: 2924 out of 8693
F 45-49: 334 out of 1040
Age/Grade: 52.41% Place: 4501
Finish: 2:16:05 Pace: 10:23
Tag Time: 2:16:05
Gun Time: 2:39:50
Split Times

I am improving.  I was only :34 off my pb which was when I was healthy. My Runmeter app had my running time at 2:11 and change, which thrills me to death.  Even better–at the 10k mark I was at 58:33 (that’s a pb for me)! I had two bathroom breaks, and one longer walking break between miles 11-12.  I know going forward that working on speed and interval training will help me get closer and closer to (and hopefully crush!) 2:00:00.

The best part of this race, or one of the best, because there were lots of pluses out here: I was not hurting when it was over.  Some of the other pluses: the sun! the warmth! abundant crowds (everywhere)! Plenty of water and electrolyte stations (I think they added some with the unexpected heat)! the food bags afterwards (fig newtons, cliff bars, bananas, strawberries, coconut water, pretzels, AND 2 (not 1 but 2) beers that weren’t crap! Oh, and the race bling!

surf city bling



One more day in Cali, then Thing 1 and I head home.  It will be good to return to Chez Sato, but there’s a lot I’m going to miss about here!



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