home, sweet home

Thing 1 and I spent all day on a plane and finally arrived to cold, snowy, gray New Jersey late this afternoon.  I love traveling–every minute of it.  I love new places, and finding new restaurants and trying new foods and (if I have peeps there) catching up with old friends, but there’s something about walking through Newark Airport that just makes me so happy (holy cow–yes, I’ll admit it: walking through Newark Airport makes me HAPPY!), so centered.

And when I got home, there was a pile of mail, and in that mail there was this:

treats from helen


My prize from Helen!  I won a lovely quilted coaster, and she included a box of Swiss cookies.  The beer is from my fridge.  Thank you so much Helen!  This is probably the best “welcome home” gift I’ve every gotten!

I need to re-acclimate myself to this wintery-mix of weather, and am planning a light, short run tomorrow morning.  The hip/hammy is still feeling pretty good (considering all the sitting I’ve been doing), and my legs are itching to move.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads here.  Originally I was planning on taking most of February off.  First, to try to heal myself up, and second, because we have family trip planned for later this month, it seemed like a good break–return to running after said vacation.  My next scheduled race isn’t until May 25, which gives me plenty of time to train if I start in March.

But I (or rather my legs/hip) felt amazing after the Surf City half–better than I have in a long time, and I’m wondering if I should actually continue training because the training is actually helping, not hindering.  God, I wish Google granted medical degrees…

Most likely, I’ll play it by ear.  It could be that my legs felt better because my taper was more like a cold turkey and I hadn’t run in the 4 days prior to the race.  But then a fellow-ERC member is tempting me with a 20k on March 10….now that could be fun!



  1. Nice job at Surf City Paige, that’s a solid performance after battling through injury issues. I’d strongly urge you not to take the rest of the month off – consistency is the key not only to performance gains but to injury prevention – you risk injury far more in ramping back up than you do in finding a good level and staying there. Even if you run only easy miles for the rest of the month (with strides a few times a week to let those fast twitch muscle fibers know you still care), you are likely to be far better off than if you rest.

    • Thanks Greg. Just before I read your comments, I was re-thinking my “taking Feb off” idea. And now it’s snowing! But I do agree–I’m going to try to keep my mileage up (once the roads are clear). I’ll email you later this weekend, so we can settle things. Thanks!

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