when it rains

it pours.

It’s fitting that the minute Janathon is over, blog fodder starts to proliferate! A trip to SoCal, Surf City, skateboards, a trade show!  So much to write about over the past few days.  And today, this:

Despicable Me


A Despicable Me cake!  Thing 1 was inducted into our high school’s Arts National Honor Society (yes, my geeky mathy chemist also draws), and after the ceremony, there was a cake auction.  And this is where I sometimes don’t understand my town.  The cakes were all made and decorated by art students.  The proceeds from the auction were to buy new equipment for the art students (the same ones who baked the cakes).

The auction started, and this was the first cake up, and when the auctioneer (a 16 yr old!) started the bidding, at $5!, the room (full of parents and teachers) fell silent.  Jeepers! So I bid $5.  The 16 yr old auctioneer raised the bid to $10. Again more silence.  She lowered the bid to $6.  Another parent bid $6.  The auctioneer raised the bid to $7.  I belted out: I’ll bid $10! Another parent bid $11.  I sealed the deal with $15.  I am now the proud owner of a Despicable Me cake that must weigh 10-11 lbs.  Totally worth the $15!  It’s coming with me to work tomorrow.

But the best part of the entire evening (aside from Thing 1 being honored)? The ceremony included a guest speaker–a woman in town (former art student) who described what she did with her interest and talent in art–over the past 20 years she has designed and marketed performance wear for athletes with major companies (Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Fila, etc.).  After the ceremony, I quickly cornered her and described my grand idea–a line of wool performance wear–similar to Smartwool and Ibex and some of the others, but better and less expensive.  I was even wearing Runner at the time!  (This grand idea occurred to me at the yarn industry trade show I was at over the weekend, as I met a yarn company that produced yarns for the handknitting industry, but the bulk of its business was in manufacturing yarns for ready-to-wear.  I hate collecting more and more crappy polyester shirts, and want to develop a line of low-cost, wool-based performance wear that can be used for promotional items, like race event t-shirts).  I sketched up an outline for a business proposal on my flight home, even came up with a clever marketing campaign (wool is wighteous!) and I think it’s just serendipity that I met this woman tonight.





    • the wool performance wear was news to her (it’s slowly gaining in the market, but the players are really small, and typically ski base layers). The cake, now, deconstructing was so much fun. the base was white cake (tasty!). the frosting was fondant. The monster head was half cake and half rice-krispie treat! And that was tasty, too! I brought it to work to share with coworkers and visiting seafarers/port workers. A big hit!

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