White Stuff

After an early morning of snow, then a switch over to rain, at about noon we switched back to snow and now it’s falling fast and furious.  

When it snows (even an unnamed storm), I like to hunker down to do a few things: play monopoly, bake cookies, and knit.  I’m still peeved about the iron (my favorite piece), so I’m boycotting monopoly. And I don’t have enough flour for cookies.  And the project I wanted to knit? Well, the yarn isn’t here yet.  oh dear.  What’s a girl to do? Maybe this?  



One comment

  1. When I heard about the storm, you were one of the people I thought of. I am glad you did your Surf City run (and that Thing 1 enjoyed his college visit….but I am glad you and the family are home together.)

    You stay warm and safe Paige.

    PS – That was a lovely orange sweater….what colour will you be knitting it?

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