Ready for monday!

It’s amazing how a great weekend can get me charged up for the week.  Having a snow day performed wonders.  The snow makes everyone (especially in this busy, busy, to-do list centric part of the world) move a little more slowly, take a little more time. Boy, it’s nice to breathe!

Yesterday involved a lot of shoveling.  Our house is small (but tall), and our lot is not huge, but our driveway is long! And with one car ensconced in the garage (and the need to use it later in the day apparent), it was necessary to shovel the entire length.

feb blizzard

(That’s our un-garaged car, and the building in the far left corner is our garage.  We share a driveway with our neighbors, making snow removal more like snow-moval).  We had about 12″ of snow.  And it wasn’t as heavy as I had expected, so all in all, not that difficult an effort (especially with the Mister’s and Thing 1’s help).

Later in the morning, I dragged Thing 3 out for sledding.

sledding snow angels

The day warmed up nicely, reaching the mid-30s by the afternoon, so any time in the sun was just lovely.

And then in the evening, Thing 3 and I headed over to my friend’s for a potluck dinner with friends and neighbors.  Many of the people in my town are either SAHMs or work from home, so I really appreciate get-togethers like these because it gives me a chance to catch up.

I capped off my weekend with a 6 mile run Sunday morning.  My LRS was supposed to have a ‘prediction run,’ in which the winner isn’t necessarily the fastest runner, but the one who best predicts his/her finish time–all without use of ipods, watches, garmins or any other type of timing device, a.  The route is a half marathon, but I was teaming up with a running club friend for a relay.  The run was postponed until next week, which meant that I could actually get up to


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