so much goodness

i think i’ll explode!

First, I’ve been trying to ‘pay it forward’ for the past few weeks.  I find it satisfying and liberating.  On Valentine’s Day, I decided to pay for the drink of the person behind me at Starbucks.  This was a tough one, as on my way into the parking lot, I was cut off by a girl driving badly and on her phone.  Needless to say, she became the person behind me.  When I figured this out, I almost got out of line, but I didn’t and sucked it up.  I whispered to the barista that I wanted to pay for her order, and when she ordered and didn’t have to pay, boy was she surprised!  A huge smile and a huge and heart-felt “omg, thank you!”

Later that night, to be filed under “what goes around, comes around,” my friend called and offered to take Thing 3 for a sleepover tonight, so that the Mister and I could have a date night. Well, time for my huge smile and heart-felt “omg, thank you!” I graciously accepted, but then quickly had to double-check that the Mister was actually free tonight!  (woot-yes he is).

Valentine’s Day was good in other ways as well.  A satisfying and fast (for me) run with my peeps.  And making a good meal for the kiddos and grownups, wearing my new (to me, but hand-me-down from my grandmother) apron.

grandma esther's apron

This sounds really corny, but i HEART this apron.  It belonged to my grandmother Esther, (my mother’s mother) whom I never met.  Somehow it was in a box in my mother’s house, and when she unearthed it, she thought it might fit me.  I love how it goes over the shoulders and then buttons at the high waist.  It hits mid thigh (grandma Esther was not even 5 ft tall–i’m 5’11”).  I love that it’s 1930s fabric. It’s just so special.  And it looks good over my running kit. Bonus!

apron 2

And on Monday, la famille is off to Puerto Rico.  Although I am not a fan of sand or heat, I am really looking forward to this short, but sweet, vacation!


  1. I like the apron too … and even if you have never met your grandmother….it just makes it so much more special knowing it is from family doesn’t it?

    (Ohh…I do that Starbucks thing about once a month…and I have no idea what the person behind me things as I drive off before they even get to the window lol.)

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