sew what?

Sew this!

schoolhouse tuni

My grandmother’s apron must have secret powers.  It made me want to sew. And coincidentally, my friend (and former business partner) mentioned a sewing class she was taking.  So I promptly registered for the class (for the Schoolhouse Tunic), and today picked out some fabric.  The pink/orange floral print is actually a fine wale corduroy.  The yellow floral is a cotton, and just amazing.  Yep, I’m going to try to make two.  And if all goes well, then all the women in my immediate family now know what they’ll be getting for Christmas this year. I’m excited for the class, but hope I don’t get hooked.  I need another hobby like a need a hole in my head.

Today I also joyfully went to the mall with Things 2 and 3 who were kicking and screaming all the way with smiles on their beautiful faces. We are not mall shoppers.  But Thing 2 has outgrown most of her last summer’s clothing, so off we went.  We quickly got what we needed then headed to our favorite part of the mall–the Apple store, where I was able to price out some mac books–my work mac book is on its last legs (it’s about 4 yrs old). Thursday it made this horrid belching/growl before the screen turned black.  I said some prayers, swore a bit, and was able to reboot it, but I think the end is near.  Maybe I can sew the old mac book a shroud with my leftover fabric?


  1. I love that you are so crafty with material….it is something I am only middlingly ok at….my craft is cooking.

    Now….those materials sound like they would not work for running though right? To hot and heavy? Soooo….maybe when you start that business…you will have different lines of clothing for various things…running, cook wear, wooohooooo *smiles*

    • not sure how crafty I am with fabric. I just have a lot of it. Uncut and unsewn and collecting dust. But it’s pretty to look at. This will be my first attempt at a garment. I have hand-quilted before, and I can sew a fairly nasty halloween costume (good thing it’s dark).

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