San Juan



I’m not at all ashamed to admit that islands, beaches, and warm weather aren’t at the top of my list when choosing a vacation spot. But this is a vacation solely planned by the Mister, and he loves islands, beaches, and warm weather.

So now I find myself in San Juan, PR. And it is lovely. The first day we had a bit of time between arriving and hotel check-in, so we went off to Old San Juan. I may not like beaches, islands, and heat, but I LOVE national parks and forts and old, historic buildings, so this part of PR made me very happy.

Day 2, the weather was iffier (with some morning showers), so after my morning run (4.25 dehydrated miles) we stayed poolside, and in the afternoon, headed back to Old San Juan for some general ambling and dinner. Today, we’re headed for the rain forest for a bit of hiking.

I haven’t taken many photos–Thing 3 has become our family photographer, and for better or worse the feral cats throughout Old San Juan captivated her imagination (and precious space on her camera’s memory card). These may not make for the best vacation photo album, but there’s always a lesson to be learned from seeing the world through an 8 year-old’s eyes.


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